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Your Questions, Answered

1. Why did you change the app name & design?

We wanted to improve your experience with our app, and that meant an entire makeover! The original essence is still there, but with simpler navigation and a slicker look, Potion is so much more enjoyable.

And why “Potion”, you may ask? To our team it made more sense to create a brand everyone would understand. In fantasy stories, potions are brewed for many exciting reasons, and require skill and time to concoct -- just like gaming. Our app pretty much works in the same way, but instead of giving you extra spell points or night vision, this Potion results in Gift Cards!

You will continue to see the Mana brand outside of the Potion world as we enter a new and exciting Universe, but that’s all we can say for now. 🙊

2. Why did you change the currency?

We wanted to simplify the currency and make it more manageable. It is easier for everybody to talk about hundreds instead of thousands.

3. Are gift cards going to be pricier now?

No, they are not. The prices stay the same.

4. I had x Mana/Crystals, what happens to them?

You will see that they were perfectly converted in the new update. If you want to get nit-picky, you can even do the numbers: your Crystals have been divided by 30 and turned into Gold.

5. Why didn’t you add game ABC?

Potion currently supports games that offer official open API’s. We’re also working on partnering with other games we can connect to. Some games do not offer an open API for Potion to retrieve your game data, making it impossible to add it to the app. We have a backlog of titles we want to add, so expect more to come! If you want to see a game added, just reach out and let us know! We’ll research it to see if it is feasible.

6. Do you sell our data to fund the app?

Potion does not sell your data to any third party. We repeat: we do not sell your data. The only data we have from you is the one you’ve added to your profile, and we only use it to help us create a better product and make smart decisions.

7. Does Potion cost anything to use?

Nope, Potion is free and we plan to stay that way.

8. Can you see my game login info when I turn on tracking/see my passwords anyhow?

No. We have no way to see your game logins, nor do we want to. All we can see is the gamertag you’ve added to Potion, which is what directly connects to the game’s API.

9. How do you prevent users from exploiting Potion? Surely there are ways to do that?

Users can only connect one account per device and it is strictly prohibited to connect other people’s gamertags. Game tracking is another way we prevent exploits in earning Potion.

10. Is there a way to completely skip the ads?

No, there is no way to avoid the ads, but some of them are skippable (and some are not). This is out of Potion’s control since ads are handled by a third-party. Still, we don’t want to flood you with ads -- that’s why we limit their amount per minute.

11. Why am I getting no Potion? I connected the games, but I see no progress!

Not all game modes give you Potion, so make sure you are playing the supported game modes for each game.

Make sure your flask is not full, because if it is, you will not earn more Potion. Cast a spell to free up some space.

Don’t forget to toggle on tracking for the game you’re going to play. Otherwise, Potion can’t track your progress!

If you still have problems earning Potion, please reach out to

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Yahirsito uwu
Yahirsito uwu
Dec 15, 2022

When do you guys restock


Inja Zarde
Inja Zarde
Jan 09, 2022

I can not track leage of legends and valorant because it says "game offline"

What should I do?

Potion Mage
Potion Mage
Jan 11, 2022
Replying to

Hey Inja! The games should be online. If you have correctly connected your accounts, please reach out to and we'll help you out.

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