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Your Friends Mean a Lot

If you're lucky enough to have friends that love gaming -- and you're even luckier they play the same games you do 😱 -- you may have introduced them to Potion (well, Mana Play back then). And if you got them on board, we’re extremely grateful for your souls involvement!

In the past, we offered 5000 mana as a reward for referring your pals, but with more games supported by our app and your insane grinding skills, 5k soon became way too little to be worth the fuss. We totally get it, that’s why we ensured Potion comes with a worthy incentive to have you up and spamming everyone you possibly know with a referral link.

Remember how we said 1 Gold = 30 old crystals? Well, now for each person you hook on Potion we’ll give you and your friend 50 Gold! Quick math (yuck) says that’s worth as much as 1500 of the previous currency, and might we add there is no limit on the amount of people you refer… sounds like quite a deal to us! Yes, you’re very welcome to refer your dog and your grandma, but we’d prefer they joined us voluntarily.

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