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Why Haven't You Connected? Vol. 3: Brawl Stars

It's time for the third episode in our series where we're helping you jump straight into the action in every game we support! Today we're diving into the equally lovable and addictive mobile title: Brawl Stars 💪 Again, we gathered intel from our seasoned users to get you tips that actually work.

Brawl Stars is a mobile pvp/battle royale game featuring tons of different modes, each 3v3 match lasting under 3 minutes. With plenty of unique brawlers to earn and choose from, you can wreak havoc either solo or with friends!

Practice Aim!

Whether you hit or miss pretty much decides the results in any pvp title. BS has an auto-aim feature, but as @TNT says straight away, "auto-aim is bad, practice aiming by yourself". Since there are both melee & ranged brawlers available, start with whatever you're comfier with.

Calculate Your Moves

"If you don't deal/receive damage for a moment, you'll start to heal," @123aBs._. points out. "Using your Super (ultimate) or a gadget prevents healing as well." Getting away from the fight or not pushing to start one often works to your advantage (as weird as it sounds in a game where it's kill or be killed). "Only be aggressive if you get value from it, even if you die. If you just rush and go aggressive without getting any value, it won't help out at all and may harm your team more," advises @123aBs._..

Bunch Up

Playing with friends is not only a lot of fun, but also a great way to start in Brawl Stars. "Start off in 3v3s with IRL friends (coordinate with voice chat) and then as you get more used to the game, start grinding in solo showdown," @crazyzebraz recommends and adds, "Try to join a club; you can earn many rewards from them and high ranking club members can give you tips on how to improve". Once you get in the groove, pick 2-3 brawlers to master (@crazyzebraz suggests easier ones for this, like Bull/Primo/8-BIT) and focus on learning everything about their abilities and game style. This way you'll be able to effectively complement your team, and a working comp is crucial, according to @Quack.

Meta Matters... Not

All of our expert users agree that watching content creators playing Brawl Stars is a great way to learn; however, each of them stressed the key part to having fun in BS is to just be yourself and roll with what you like best. "If you can play a certain brawler very well, even if it is very weak, I suggest you still push that brawler to its fullest potential," encourages @Quack. Adds @crazyzebraz, "Overall just do you in Brawl stars, there's no way you can get pro unless you be yourself. It's not like Clash Royale or Clans where you have to stick to specific strategies ... here you can play anything you want and the game has it ensured you will have a fun and rewarding time." And if those aren't pieces of advice to grant world peace (and non-toxic player bases), then we don't know what would. So there you have it, a nice & laid-back intro to Brawl Stars! Let us know how it's going for you 😉 Interested in helping us write articles in the future? Join our Discord!

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