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Why Haven't You Connected? Vol. 2: Clash Royale

In the second episode, we'll set you up for victory in our most popular title yet: Clash Royale! With help of our experienced users, we put together a quick and easy guide for those of you eager to start smashing the enemy towers 🏰

CR is a combination of tower defense and card game with the general goal of destroying your enemy's King tower, or having more standing towers than the enemy before time runs out. Your plays are limited by an auto-renewing Elixir, as every card in your deck has an Elixir cost.

Stay balanced

Building a deck is an art of its own! As you start, you'll have access to only some cards. More powerful ones will unlock as you progress! As @Quack advises, balance is crucial when putting a deck together: "don't build all-spell decks, avoid having an average Elixir cost above 5".

Learn card types

Between troops, buildings & building destroyers, spells, defense cards, and more, it's a good strategy to familiarize yourself with what's what. @TNT highlights the importance of both win condition cards (units attacking buildings only, like the Hog Rider) and building cards (like Goblin Cage) to be prepared for every situation.

The Elixir

You can gather up to 10 Elixir points. "Save Elixir for defensive plays," reminds @TNT. "Sometimes not playing a card is the best move." Once only a minute remains to finish the game, Elixir will rebuild twice as fast!

Daily Treats

Much like in Potion, Clash Royale has daily goodies to claim, at least a few of them for free! Gold, cards, sometimes even gems are there to pick, so "get the free item in the shop each day, doesn't sound like much but after a while it will add up like crazy," points out @Wolfqy.

Get Tactical

For early Arena levels, @crazyzebraz recommends counter-pushing as much as you can. "The more troops on the battlefield, the harder for the enemy to defend," he says and proposes variety decks, "Use 1-2 spells (fireball is a must), 2 air counter troops (musketeer and archers preferably), tank killer (mini pekka), building (goblin cage is a very good one), and just a basic defense/offense card (goblins or knight)."

Level Up!

You can upgrade your cards with gold to make them stronger. In the beginning, it's alright to level up whatever cards you have -- "it will boost King level XP and allow you to unlock King Level Up Chests.", adds @crazyzebras. But, most importantly, give it a shot and have fun! Careful though, once you start, Clash Royale is hard to stop playing... we speak from experience 😰

PS. Always, ALWAYS be wary of Electro Giants. Trust @moji on that one. Wanna help us out with future blog posts? Hop on our Discord & make yourself at home. #ClashRoyale

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