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Why Haven't You Connected? Vol. 1: Valorant

Potion installed: ✔

Favorite game connected: ✔

All the quests already done… eh, check. Don’t we all just love sticking to our tried and true titles and characters? You bet. Nobody likes that initial-50-or-so-matches period when we learn and we suck 😒

But… what if you’ve got a little help? We want our users to enjoy Potion to its full extent, complete with all the games we support! To make that learning curve less steep, read on for some beginner-friendly tips and tricks – and who knows, you might get hooked hard on something new! (Just look at Potion Witch and Potion Mage, we started Valorant just before it was added and we haven’t seen the outside world since.) Vol. 1: Valorant! Got experience in FPS games? Jump right in! Not a shooter veteran? We’ve got you!

The Spike

You’ll usually play on a team of 5, facing off another 5-person team. There are two ways to win – either with a bomb (“spike”) or by eliminating all enemies. Defenders need to diffuse the spike, while the attackers have to make sure it successfully explodes.

There’s also a game mode called Spike Rush for those who only have 15 minutes to play. Same objective, fewer rounds, and random weapons. Important: Potion doesn’t support Spike Rush yet!

Practice accuracy! The shooting range is great for starters, but Death Matches will teach you much faster how to take down a live opponent before they do that to you.

The Characters

You’ll have access to five agents as soon as you start. With different abilities and playstyles, you can explore your preferred way to fight, but arguably the easiest character to get started with is Sage. She’s a healer with powerful (and useful!) spells, and doesn’t need to be in the frontline!

Learning the basics of what each agent can do will spare you unpleasant surprises; walking around available maps in practice mode is another good idea – scout for vantage points, blind corners, and alternative routes to spike-planting sites.

Play and Earn with Potion

To earn Potion, make sure you play the supported mode: Plant/Defuse (Unrated or Competitive). Unrated is the classic Valorant match (5v5, the first team to win 13 rounds claims victory); at the beginning of each round, you can purchase weapons, armor, and abilities. The Competitive is the ranked mode, which plays just as Unrated, but every win and loss will count towards your initial placement (ranks go from Iron to Radiant). To achieve a higher rank after you get placed, you’ll simply need more victories than defeats. You also need to get your account to level 20 before you can try the Competitive mode.

That's all you need to start enjoying Valorant with more confidence! Let us know how it's going for you, and remember to send us replays of particularly savage match moments! #Valorant #RiotGames

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