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Updates, updates, updates!

Today is the day your feedback brings another update to Potion! Tired of having to cast five ad-filled spells just to empty your flask? Good news! Now you can convert as much Potion as you want with a single spell. 😎

Say, we just dropped another promo code for 500 Potion and you’re so, sooo eager to punch it right in… but the 800 Potion in your flask and the prospect of multiple spells you’ll have to cast are just giving you one nasty headache. No more! Now you can convert the entire 800 Potion to 8 Gold with ONE. SINGLE. SPELL. ☝

Better yet, we kicked out the ads popping up while casting spells! Yep, not only can you empty your flask in one go, but while doing so, you won’t be bothered by ads as persistent as your mom telling you to clean your room. FREEDOM!

If you haven’t yet, rate us 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Google Play Store – it helps us to introduce more and more quality of life updates like this one!

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