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Twice As Many Games, Twice As Many Gains

What feels better than finding a fellow closeted pineapple pizza lover? Update 3.0 for Potion (f.k.a. Mana Play), duuh. And what’s the best part about update 3.0? Sure, everything about it is purely wholesome, but nothing beats us doubling up the number of games you can now connect to the app!

Yep, that’s right -- three new titles you can enjoy and get rewarded for just that: playing games! Say hello to Clash of Clans, TFT, and Valorant. Why those games? You wanted them. We wanted them. Everyone and their dog wanted them. And if that’s not enough…

Clash of Clans: could you imagine getting gift cards for razing villages to the ground? *Vikings entered the chat* Between CoC and Potion, that’s exactly what’s going to happen! One of the most popular free-to-play mobile strategies, Clash puts you in the role of a village chief. Gain resources by attacking other players (yeah!), buying the goods with gold (meh), or producing them in your own village (*Vikings left the chat*); train various troops, band up with friends to form a clan, and earn Potion all along!

TFT: if you got that chess brain and are all about strategizing, but still want to deliver a punch (or 10), Riot has you covered. TeamFight Tactics, known as TFT and set in the League of Legends universe, is a cross-platform auto battler title where you build a team (of LoL champions, obviously) and face off against seven opponents. The goal, unsurprisingly, is to be the last one standing. Still alive? Enjoy some Potion!

Valorant: we couldn’t neglect our FPS fans! The most requested shooter out there, Valorant is another title developed by Riot (yeah, I guess you could say we like those guys) in a free-to-play model. Four classes, plenty of agents to choose from, and seriously explosive gameplay with five different modes -- AND Potion flowing your way for every epic kaboom you pull off. What’s not to love?

Long story short, Supercell and Riot fans -- we got your back! Expect more treats in the future as we expand into new titles and developers… but that’s a secret for now!

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