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Potion: A New Way to Earn Rewards

Welcome to Potion, the new and improved version of Mana Play! We’ve relaunched and revamped our former app to create a new and enhanced experience for our users with an entirely new User Interface, 3 new supported games, an improved referral system, and the introduction of coins into the economy.

If you’re new to Potion, formerly known as Mana Play, you are now part of the only mobile app that rewards you with gift cards for playing six of the best competitive games. The essence of Potion is the same as before: reward users for playing their favorite games.

So what’s new?


Forget about crystals and mana, Potion and Gold are in. Now you’ll earn Potion instead of Mana for your in-game actions. You’ll still have to cast a spell before you hit the flask limit, but you’ll be getting Gold instead of crystals. Don’t worry if you see that you have less gold now than you had crystals, because one Gold is worth 30 of the good ol’ crystals!


We’ve doubled the number of supported games in this update. Now you can earn awesome rewards with these three new titles!

  • Clash of Clans: We lost count of all the times you asked us for this one. Now you can demolish every last part of your enemy’s village AND earn Potion while you’re at it!

  • Valorant: Riot’s FPS is our latest addition for those die-hard PC gamers. With four classes, five game modes, and a wide choice of agents, you get to turn your opponents into bloody smears using a variety of weapons and unique skills, and earn Potion doing so!

  • TeamFight Tactics: Riot fans can’t complain right now, can they? Now you don’t have to stop earning Potion every time you’re not on your PC, League of Legends players. With the addition of TFT, which some believe to be modern-day’s chess, you can earn Potion in the League of Legends world wherever, whenever!


Our app has never looked better.

All your Potion-Earning actions have been integrated into a slick-looking home screen.

  • Potion Flask: that’s where your Potion is stored as you earn it with in-game actions, quests, promo codes, and more

  • Cast Spell, Video Bonus and Refresh Quests are all below the flask now and easy to spot! No more scrolling through the app to find what you were looking for.

  • Quests are now integrated into the home screen! Redeem your hard-earned Potion from quests in the same screen where you can convert it to Gold.

  • Daily Bonus

  • Referrals are now considered quests, too. And that’s because we’re giving you a huge boost now for bringing new friends to the Potion app: 50 Gold! (1,500 Crystals)


Check.It.Out. We didn’t want to make you scroll through your email to find that Gift Card code you worked so hard for anymore.

Now you don’t have to leave the app to see your rewards come to life! Just click Rewards in the My History section in the menu, and you’ll be able to copy the eGift Card code you redeemed that very moment! Wicked.

We admit it: we’re pretty happy about this update, and we hope you are too (if so, a 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review would be 🔥 ). With that said, we’re putting all our focus into improving the performance of Potion as well as expanding the games catalog as much as possible.

Follow us on social media to stay tuned for all the updates, additions and, more importantly, FREE POTION CODES every week!

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