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How to play Splinterlands? Part 1

It's time to detail how to play Splinterlands and why this game will definitely suit all CCG fans. There is Splinterlands - digital collectible trading card game built on blockchain technology. You don't need to have any specific knowledge to enjoy this card game. But let's take it in order.

Create an account

Same as always: create an account, enter your data, confirm the email. You don't even need to download anything - play directly in your browser.

P.S. You can even open a second tab at work or school/college, but we didn't tell you that.

Let's get into the gameplay.

Collect cards for the battles

There are two types of cards: summoners and monsters. Summoner is a magic user who harnesses one of six primal forces. They use this power to summon monsters. Your choice of Summoner will determine which Monsters you can use, so choose wisely.

Monster is any person or creature that is called forth by a Summoner to do battle. Monsters do the actual fighting. After selecting a Summoner, you will have access to certain types of Monsters. Those that correspond to the Summoner's splinter, as well as neutral ones. The first Monster on the list will be in the front row once combat begins.

You can choose 1 Summoner and up to 6 Monsters for the battle.

Explore the Splinters

There are six sources of magic in the Splinterlands: fire, water, earth, life, death and dragon.

Each of these primal forces is championed by distinct factions known as Splinters. A Summoner uses magic to call upon the various races, habitats, and creatures that exist within the same Splinter.

Each Summoner belongs to one of the splinters. They can only summon monsters that obey a particular force.

Learn the abilities and other card basics

Abilities help you choose the right cards for the battle.These are special skills or powers that are used during combat. Each one makes a unique contribution to the outcome of the battle. They are critical to formulating a winning strategy. Some splinters have special, unique abilities.

STATS are the core attributes of the character. Each character has attack, speed, armor and health.

There are 3 attack forms: melee attack, ranged attack and magic attack. Melee attack slashes at the enemy up close (front row). Ranged attack if for dealing damage from a distance (unable to attack from the front row). Characters with magic attack may do damage from any row.

Speed determines the order in which characters attack. Armor takes the first hit after an attack. Health is the same as usual.

But also do not forget about the mana cost of each card! To start a fight, you need to fit within the mana cost limits.


The battleground is split in half, with your team on one side and the enemy on the other. The Monsters with the highest Speed will take their turns first. If two monsters' speeds are equal, then attack type is used to break the tie: first magic, then ranged, and finally melee. If the attack types are the same, then a random order is chosen. Obviously, the one who could defeat all the monsters of the enemy wins.

So don't waste any time and get to the battles! We'll talk about card collecting a little later, so stay tuned!

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