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Fun Times in LoL Season 12

Two weeks into the 2022 season, Riot is in with changes big and small. Between a new champion (already!), two new dragons (Chemtank & Hextech... Arcane much? 🤔), and

a promise of more customization than ever (bragging rights for ages), it looks like this year LoL will keep that attention it's had since 2009. So what are the main game-changers? Let's break it down!

  • New dragons: always an important objective, the Dragon can make or break the match. Useful buffs like health regeneration or slow resistance may help a team climb out of the losing pits, and the more Dragons are slain, the stronger the enhancements they give. Chemtank and Hextech Dragons were tested during the Preseason, ultimately entering the Rift with Ability Haste/Attack Speed (Hextech) and increased damage against enemies with more health than you (Chemtank). Solid? We think so.

  • Zeri: the newest addition to the ADC roster, Zeri is yet another marksman champion who plays a little different than the classics. Relying on skillshots rather than auto-attacks, she's mobile, has means of survivability, and rocks damage bursts. Sounds like someone else you know? Yeah, Zeri was developed alongside Neon, the recently added Valorant agent and a fellow local power grid.

  • Customization: options to personalize your profile are about to get to the next level. Redesigned ranked crests and more borders to choose from sound sweet, but Challenges will give us a serious chance to brag. Divided between Veterancy, Expertise, Teamwork & Strategy, Collection, and Imagination, Challenges include achievements like soloing Baron or dodging skillshots, and we'll be able to flaunt up to 3 of those in the loading screen. We're expecting a lot of "hold my drink" attitudes this season.

  • Visual Updates & More Champions: concluding a vote in League Client, Udyr makes the first character due for a makeover (hasn't that guy been anything but problems?). As for new additions to the roster to follow Zeri, Riot hinted at a "dark and sinister" support (Sassy Soraka alert), as well as some beastly jungler.

We'll keep a close eye on upcoming patches as they're sure to shake items even further, bring balance (hopefully!) to currently overpowered champions, and perhaps introduce another Game Mode. Don't forget to slide on the tracker in Potion & choose SR or ARAM modes to earn rewards while playing League! #LeagueOfLegends #RiotGames #Arcane

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1 Comment

Jan 29, 2023

Hi! Can you help me through act 5 in league of legends? If you would not be difficult, please make a video, you can add hints in the form of text on the screen, mp4 video editor will help you in this.

Looking forward to your video!

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