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🌿Brawl Stars: Biodome update! 🧪

Brawl Stars just went full spring mode! The Biodome update is rocking the space where nature and science meet. There's a new brawler, new environment, new skins, gadgets, game modes -- Supercell came at us with the full bloomin' package!

ew Brawler

Meet Eve, a flea with a spaceship, always on the lookout for the nearest dog (sucks to be you, Ruffs). She's a chromatic brawler with a kit reliant on her passive ability to hover over water and deal damage (or heal) from a distance. With the Brawl Pass (that's what Potion's for) you can get the Spiky skin for Eve, so make sure to invest that Gold!

New Skins

Besides Spiky Eve, Biodome brings in Firefly Rico, Wasp Bo & Lion Bull, plus a number of IAP first/gems later skins -- like Ivy Belle, Mantis Rosa or Bunny Grom, the latter being one of a few cool Easter accents in the update. Even Ruffs, despite flea issues, got a solid treat: the True Silver & Gold skins!

Game Modes & Challenges

Prepare your team for Wipeout and Payload! The first mode will see you defeat 8 brawlers before the enemy team, while the other one is all about pushing your payload to the goal. There are two challenges to take place as well -- the Lantern Brawl & Easter, both happening in April and offering pins as rewards if you make it.

All looks pretty sweet as far as we're concerned! Let us know which Biodome skins you're after the most 🐞

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